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Cinta Island

Myrefall Village
they assume you know nothing [PLOT/Goro] (Sept 20, 2020 17:22:49 GMT)
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This large village is dedicated to a group of researchers who are trying to dedicate their lives to observing Pokemon.

The biggest feature is the public lab, which actively researches Pokemon. It's not too far from the Valar City and starter Pokemon and starter items could be found here.
Open Plains
Counting Stars [Open] (Sept 11, 2020 9:57:45 GMT)
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This area is a large open grassland. There are hectares of open fields that can be explored. There are few empty spots of shade here.

The grass can be waist-tall in several areas, so trainers would have to watch where they step. Who knows? A snake Pokemon might be lurking in the depths.

The plains are quite hilly, and it is very breezy.The view here at night is one of the best. The sky is very clear, and constellations can be seen.
Valar City
(c) Oh My God, It's Jason Leigh (Aug 18, 2020 13:04:10 GMT)
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Valar City is the largest city in Cinta Island, and the second largest in the region. The general weather is quite hot and there are a lot of palm trees in the area bringing a tropical feel to the city. The most popular business here is the ice-cream business, which is one of the best in Seiza.

This city is about a one and a half hour away journey from Kaya Town, and also acts like a port to the island. Most of the traffic of people flowing in and out from the island comes from this city.

The locals here are quite relaxed. Khaki outfits and shorts are a common sight here. Everyone seems to enjoy sunbathing in the many local beaches of the area.

This city is full of hotels and inns, due to it's large number of tourists. In fact, many people from villages come here to this city in order to try to find a job in the tourism sector.
Kaya Town
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This area is an ever-growing tourist hub. It started out as a small town, until it decided to focus on tourists. This town has been renovated quite recently, and so there are still construction fighting Pokemon lounging about. The town has completely dedicated itself into servicing the people here. There are so much restaurants showcasing seafood around.

This island has a lot of villas that are built close to the sea. These villas are only accessible to the wealthy. Some people have even gone so far as to buy their own vacation homes here, due to its beautiful view and close proximity to the ocean.

There are a lot of private beaches near the town, full of barbecue, ribs and fancy yachts. However, it is actually quite sealed off from the public too. This area is rich in coral reefs although due to it's private nature, it is only available for those who has a house/is staying in the resort here.
Pink Beach
Fire on Ice, Water on Lava [Aira] (Aug 16, 2020 14:11:44 GMT)
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A beach that is well known for it's bright pink sand. It is a very secluded beach that is difficult to get into. While it has the potential to become a very famous tourist spot, the journey to travel there is very long and hard.

The water in this beach is very calm, and swimming here will be easy. There is a lot of coral reefs around the area full of colorful fish Pokemon. There is also the opportunity to even bump to a rare fish Pokemon! Around the outskirts of the beach, there are a lot of vegetation to look for shade, so it's good to plot and train Pokemon.
Padi Village
Seen Better Days (Aug 9, 2020 20:40:35 GMT)
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Padi Village is a name encompassing several villages that are located a bit deeper inside the island, where the land is more hilly. It is also quite far from the tourist spots that are in the island, and so it is rarely visited by people who are not locals.

These villages work together to help each other. Between all these villages are hectares and hectares of paddy fields. These paddy fields are built in a terraced system, supporting crops that require irrigation. Most of the time, rice is the main staple that is grown here. These people work really hard to export rice, which they will bring back to the Valar City and will even export to other islands.

During harvest season, it is common to see a bunch of villagers working together. There is a big shrine dedicated to the legendary Pokemon to hope for a good bountiful harvest.
Catharsis Lagoon
running like water [WILD] (Sept 13, 2020 13:56:26 GMT)
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The water inside this lagoon is salt water, because this lagoon is connected to the ocean through several caves. These caves can only be accessed when the tide is low. When the tide is high, the caves are completely filled with water.

This lagoon is covered in all sides with gentle slopes of walls. Aside from entering from through the caves, the lagoon can be entered from a path in the forest. The water is a bright aquamarine color with some blue blotches. There are noted to be some coral reefs that are growing inside the lagoon!

This lagoon is believed to have healing powers in terms of childbirth. Women who are pregnant would often come to this lagoon to bath here. Women who wants children but has fertility issues would also come here into this lagoon.

This lagoon is surrounded by expansive forest. Some areas of the forest remain unexplored. This is actually where the trial of this island would take place! It is believed that the legendary Pokemon Cresselia and Darkrai reside here, and watches over all the women. Their silumon forms are elusive, and only have been seen several times over centuries, but one can feel their healing effect.The trial key-holder who lives here lives in a small shack near the beach. They completely built it by themselves. They love talking to the people who come in and go to the lagoon

Nouvelle Argente Isle

Cathédrale Tranquille (Cathedral of Tranquility)
Ruin Diving [WILD] (Aug 11, 2020 2:57:38 GMT)
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A Cathedral that was so massive in ancient times that it once stood. Now it is utter ruins with a lot of dust, debris, walls with stained glass and unsteady stairs that lead to the next level of five floors of sturdy (but decaying) ruins.

This place was once one of tranquility. Because of that, Psychic and Fighting type Pokemon are attracted to the mysteriousness of the area for some reason. This results with encounters of wild Pokemon that try to protect the sacredness of the land. Some Normal Pokemon have found comfort here, and there are Dragons as old as time here. Some Steel Pokemon activate here and begin to become aware of presences. It seems the Steel-type Pokemon aim to protect something, but rumors are not confirmed.

This place is famous for tourists taking pictures from afar, but do not dare get close due to taboos. Some tell stories of others vanishing here as scary stories as the old Cathedral ruins have many stories.

Stained glass has images of hints here as long as battle journals that depict tales of this is where Kalosian nobles and their knights battle with the islanders over precious resources. Some say a mythical Pokemon was the reason battles happened here as some wanted to possess it (Magearna).

This is famous for a training ground due to the history and Wild Pokemon being aggressive and itching for a fight to prove themselves worthy of stories. Some say these are Pokemon with heritage that came from Pokemon whose trainers had fallen amidst the battle and became free.
Ville d'eau (City of Water)
Common Pokemon (Jul 15, 2020 6:03:38 GMT)
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The main part of the island that acts as a welcoming hub. While the center may be populated with many slums and ghettos that are filled with restaurants that make use of the local crustaceans herbs from their local woods, it is best known for its history. Kalosian royalty that once were prominent invaded this area for its own in the days of old, but have since blended in with society as they meshed. Individuals are unique in tan and brown skin color while having some Kalosian accents in their speech.

As it is thought to be a City of Water, Lugia is thought to represent it well due to how it and the port city weather through consistent rain, grey clouds, and storm winds that sweep through, but leave the City unshaken.

The City limits are structured square buildings that make complexes and homes that are bound together. It gives them a sense of community. Homes that are near the water’s edges are ascended in support and have stairs. This is due to rain being prominent in this area more than any others, and so flooding is possible. The residents always seem to have boots and ponchos that are in their home.

The ruins for this area are submerged in the area known as Ville de Marais (Town of Swamp) which are past the Fourré Noir (Black Thicket). It is below the Swamp’s ground level making it a descending hollow of tunnels and passages that contain inscriptions of Mythical Pokemon. It is said that certain Pokemon living within the temple moves the passages mischievously in order to cut off access to the inner caverns where a Lake Spirit resides.
Port Pluvieux (Rainy Port)
That's the Way the Krabby Crumbles // OPEN (Aug 13, 2020 4:49:44 GMT)
1 thread
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The North part of the port that is riddled with sea topped by warehouses and ships. It is famous for the many stories called the “Romance Dusk,” which is the start of a tale that began at night. Port Pluvieux is rumored to have been born at night and gave birth to the rest of the island and its culture.

Many people live on the system of homes ascended on top of posts given that there are high water levels at certain parts of the year. Others stay in boats that double as their homes. Their past-time is fishing and “Krabbying” as this involves entangling the wild Krabby and Kingler near the shores into massive fishing nets. They usually cast other things in their catch which yields them treasures at times that are said to come from Kalosian ships that carried treasures during the age of piracy.

Selling various crustacean-based Pokemon delicacies as food seems to be the town’s splendor. Combining them with rice, herbs, and Kalosian bread makes for palettable, spicy dishes with unique zest and seasoning that they are famous for.

Most of the business in this culture seems to revolve around fetching the food in order to import into the city itself. The seafood and dishes are fresh here, but most of it ends up in the city to be combined with its entertainment and music.

The people of Ville d’eau are grateful to those in the port for supplying their food. They use umbrellas in a traditional dance. The Umbrellas symbolize the adversity the people of the port face as they battle with the ocean everyday to keep food coming into the city. The jolly dance they do under the umbrella symbolize their joy for the residents of the port.

The Port has coastal beaches that spread along the ports are worth relaxing on.
Fourré Noir Bayou (The Black Thicket)
Forward...Marsh! (Wild) (Aug 20, 2020 13:13:47 GMT)
2 threads
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The thicket is composed of trees that blanket the area in darkness. The water levels close to the swamp leave the area in constant saturated moisture with no hope of ever being dry. There are occasional pools of water for Pokemon who can live in their ecosystem. Since the shenanigans of the Dark Pokemon scare others, there is pollution of loose items here. It is said the Swamp remains clean due to the Grimer here that ate it and mutated into Dark Pokemon while keeping the ecosystem clean.

The Marsh had a single cabin deep within its confines where someone lives in harmony. She refers to herself as a “Pokemon Shaman,” using the hypnotic effects of their Pokemon to teach Pokemon unique moves that are locked within their psyche. People seek her and those from her lineage who are known in the arts of “PokeVoo.”

One of the trio of spirits, said to be a Silumon, is said to walk these woods. However, the truth is, Ghastly play pranks on people as they keep the old stories of spirits alive. Therefore, one should be careful as many of the Pokemon world’s spiritual rumors and stories come to life in these woods as grand illusions.

The area’s history is mythical, making them very attuned to romanticism and storytelling and mythicism. They believe in the tales of the Pokemon, Zarude whose a dark-type and has an ominous appearance, but carries vines that promote healing and welfare. Thus, they find the vines and shrubbery growing in their dense forests, marshes, and swamps to be fortunate.

The thicket's waterways can be navigated by Fanboat
Ville de’ Marasis (Town of Swamp)
A Quiet Corner of the World | Aira (Aug 10, 2020 7:07:19 GMT)
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Town that surrounds the temple that descends into the Swamp’s lower levels. People live close to the Pokemon spirit that resides within as they believe they have a spiritual connection.

Few people live here in the Swamp Area, but those who do stay in cabins and use classical sources of energy. -Boats wade across the murky swamps in order to reach a plethora of land areas there where people remain in their houses. Bridges connect the more short-range steady areas making walking possible from one area to the next if flooding does not occur.

Lanterns hang about the area carefully making it somewhat similar to the paper lanterns one sees in other regions. Kalosians compare to their traditions.
New Argenté (New Silver)
Common Pokemon (Jul 15, 2020 6:12:07 GMT)
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Where the culture comes to life! Seafood, Rice, Herbs and spices, and Kalosian baked breads are famous here in their dishes.

Located in the innermost center of the Island, it comes to life with Electric Pokemon lighting up light poles and fire-type Pokemon igniting lanterns. The walkway is made of brick and aligns the streets. The buildings are secured with fluorescent railing and seemed to be filled with guests who spend time in eateries.

They have native music and dance that is jolly and symbolic of their heritage. They dance with umbrellas they carry (Second Line with Umbrella). Masks had their faces to convey mystery, especially to bond with the Dark-Type who are synonymous with this. It is said Mespirit, as someone who conveys emotion, encouraged this due to her own face seeming to be covered like she is wearing a mask.

The New Argente platter is a famous dish served on a certain day that is similar to the Battle Restaurants in Kalos. The area becomes a battlefield as chefs and dinner guests watch two guests, who arrive together, battle one another while their dinner is prepared. It seems barbaric, but the residents believe it as “romantic” as it is a passionate boute before sitting and enjoying a dish together; similar to how the Argente Island was known as a battlefield between Kalosian and further western residents who founded the region.

This Island is famous for having Parades! As these festivities are to celebrate victory after battle in their history, they are now used to serve time spent surviving another year. At these parades, items are drawn from Common Candy, Rare Candy, and even random items that celebrate their rich heritage. As the items are said to be a part of the historical treasure from the island's history. This is so prominent that people believe it is an actual holiday.

Guntur Island

Matahari City
Very Berry Special (Sept 21, 2020 13:19:58 GMT)
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Matahari City is the largest city in the entire region. It is so big, it is divided into four sections, namely the North, West, East and South of the city. This is the most densely populated city, holding the biggest population of people there. This city holds a reputation for having a very complicated canal system. This was a remainder of when the city was first built, many decades ago.

This city contains a lot of department shops containing many shopping and cuisine opportunities. Their most famous drink is the Lava Java drink, which is sold everywhere.

The central business district of the city is a busy area, full of large skyscrapers with office buildings. Land here is very expensive.

In addition to its department shop, this city is also a contest hub. All contests would take place here, in it's large arena. There are many hotels around in which coordinators could stay in.
Common Pokemon (Jul 14, 2020 5:41:42 GMT)
1 thread
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This is the closest mountain to Matahari City. This mountain is popular because of the resorts that tourists can visit and enjoy. Many people likes to hike and visit this mountain--it is one of the best spots for camping. As the mountain is very high up, the air is quite cold and so thicker clothing is advised to be worn.

Being outdoors would mean that they will be in close proximity with nature, but travelers must remember that they must respect nature and the Pokemon around them.
Baatika City
Honor & Glory [Amy] (Aug 15, 2020 7:03:28 GMT)
2 threads
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One of the neighboring cities to Matahari City, Baatika City is a newer city compared to Matahari City. This city rains a lot, due to it locating in a higher elevation than Matahari City. It is known as the central of fashion, and costumes. It is good at producing denim, and it also produces a unique Seiza pattern called Batik.

Baatika City is home to the Botanical Garden, one of the biggest Botanical Garden in the entire region. Naturalists and scientists try to collect plants from all over the region to study them here.

There is a strata-volcano in the outskirts of the city that can be observed and visited by tourists. This strata-volcano is home to many legends. People are only allowed to view it from afar, but not allowed to enter the area.
Signing Off // OPEN (Aug 15, 2020 23:05:14 GMT)
2 threads
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A cultural hub, known for it's famous palace that dates back centuries ago. This area was once led by monarchy, and the royal family still lives in the palace today. Several of the open-air pavilions are open for the general public to visit and hang around.

There are several museums located around the area, which has artifacts from the past. Most of the houses here are quite old, and large. These houses are open, with open terraces to allow the breeze to cool the houses down.

Keraton also contains a large ancient ruins in the form of a temple, which can be called as Candi. These ancient ruins are centuries years old, built to honor the three legendary Pokemon in the region, naming Azelf, Uxie and Mespirit. The ruins contain nine platforms, and they could be climbed. There are three floors in total, and they could be climbed.

To get here is quite far. You must get on a train from Matahari City. The train would be about 4-5 hours long. It is the quickest mode of transport as it cuts right through the mountain through a tunnel that had been built centuries ago.
Angker Mountain
Descendant of the Woods [Wild/Mod] (Aug 17, 2020 22:16:17 GMT)
2 threads
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This is the mysterious mountain, where the trials in this island take place. This mountain is known to have very mystical lore in it--some might even say that it is haunted. In fact, some of the parts of the mountains are closed off to the general public. A small part is open to hike, and another part is open for the trial.

At the foot of this mountain lies a village, this village is home to the family of key-holders. These key-holders has jobs to protect the mountain and all the spirits/silumon who are believed to live in it. This key-holder is an old key-holder, and she will be the one who will assign trials.

This mountain is believed to be the home of Uxie. They are believed to become silumon, as in transform into humans and even go so far as to meet the people there. Sighting a silumon will be very rare. Regardless, this mountain should always be respected, as it is sacred ground.
Malapetaka Volcano
Looking for flames in potential rain! [wild/mod] (Aug 9, 2020 16:25:45 GMT)
2 threads
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This is a very large and active volcano, which is known for exploding very regularly. The land here is very fertile, and so there are a lot of villages that are scattered around.

This mountain is also known as the easiest mountain to hike. It is good to train Pokemon here or search for new team members.

However, people here should always exercise caution. As soon as smoke is to be seen rising from the crater, the order to evacuate will be blown asap. Villagers are always ready to live anytime.

Now there is a fire-legend silumon that is believed to reside and be the deity of this mountain .The villagers will actively try to put offerings in the form of fruits and berries. They are also careful not to anger the legendary Pokemon/ Silumon.

There are a lot of hot springs that could be found around the area to explore.
Gletser Mountain
Leaving the City Behind! [Wild/Mod] (Sept 20, 2020 16:48:42 GMT)
4 threads
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The tallest mountain that can be found in this entire island. This is the only mountain where snow would fall at the very top. However, snow doesn't fall all year. This snow will only fall during the months of November-February. The ground is very frozen, and it is very easy to slip here. Due to the lack of the snow and how unreliable it can be, there are no skiing resorts at all. The villages are more located towards the bottom/middle of the mountain.

This is a haven for ice Pokemon. The only place where ice Pokemon can be captured. In fact, some areas have become a nature reserve especially for the ice Pokemon. At the bottom of the mountain likes the Spring of Spirits, the largest, natural hot-springs that can be found in the region. Trainers could relax there before they make the climb.

Marina Island

Cahaya Reserve
Tea With Grandpa [OPEN] [MOD] (Sept 15, 2020 5:37:21 GMT)
3 threads
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This is a large forested area that has been turned into a Pokemon reserve. The area is a very lush jungle. There are many layers of trees, and sometimes it is hard for sunlight to filter inside the ground.

Catching Pokemon by Pokeballs is strictly prohibited here. Instead, a Pokemon can choose to come with you if they want, but there will be a strict no Pokeball policy. Catching a Pokemon with a Pokeball would be equivalent to poaching, and will have to pay a large fine in tokens and be banned from coming into the reserve.

There are of course areas that are open for people to track or hike, but several areas may be closed off due to its nature of being a reserve.

This area is noted to be challenging to roleplay in. People should only come here if they're trying to look for a challenge.
Nesia Rainforest
july rain [wild/mod] (Aug 14, 2020 4:13:01 GMT)
2 threads
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Nesia rainforest is a large rainforest, covering hundreds of square kilometers. It is not fully explored to how dense the rainforest can be. A large Pokemon might even pass you without you being aware of its presence.

The canopy layer completely blocks sunlight from going through, and so the bottom of the rain-forest is quite damp. It is very humid in there and the air feels very thick and heavy at the bottom of the rainforest. It is also terribly easy to get lost in this rain forest.

There are many native plant and Pokemon species here. Some plant species are even undiscovered. The heart of the forest is a mystery to the people. Only the key-holder knows the way there.

There are often silumon sightings. People who are lost sometimes report being approached by an old lady, or even being invited to a village to rest during the night. Upon awaking, they will usually find said woman and village completely gone.

The area is under threat of deforestation. There is a village that is located in the outskirts of the heart of the forest, who is there to try to defend the forest and to stop from angering the legendary Pokemon there.
Delta River
Racing the River [Wild/Mod] (Sept 22, 2020 13:26:09 GMT)
2 threads
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This river is located at the bottom of a gorge. Getting here is actually quite hard, because you will need time to climb down the gorge/ravine carefully. However, the reward is the best.The fishing spot here is one of the best in the region and sometimes even hard to resist.

The river is the longest river in Marina Island, and its length even cut through the rain forest. Sometimes, when there are not a lot of people around, trainers could catch sight of some Pokemon in the forest drinking from the rivers.

The river here is too hard to swim in. The current is very fast, and there are a lot of underwater caves. Swimming in the river will result in drowning, and being pulled under the underwater caves. It also has very rocky ground. There are several rocky grounds which people can use to hang out with their Pokemon.
Goa Kapur (Limestone Cave)
high, high hopes* (mod/wild) (Aug 19, 2020 5:37:51 GMT)
2 threads
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This is a very large cave system, so large that it is almost like a maze. It is always good to have something to mark the direction from where you came from, or it would be very easy to get lost. These cave systems are most popular for a rumor that there are strange runes that can be found inside the cave, although people have yet to find these runes.

The cave is a limestone cave that is centuries of years old. This cave is also full of glowing mushroom species that grow on all sides of the walls, giving the cave a luminous quality. There are some streams that could be found inside the cave, and underground rivers.
Jaya Falls
Rise and Fall [Open] (Aug 19, 2020 12:13:38 GMT)
2 threads
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A majestic series of waterfalls. There are a total of 12 waterfalls, falling from several heights. The tallest one falls from a height of 570 meters.

These waterfalls could be accessed via a short track past a small forest, from a nearby town. The water here is crystal blue, and has several pools of water. The water here could even be swum in. There is a lot of surrounding forest in the area. It is basically waterfalls that are surrounded by rivers.

This waterfall would be upstream of the Delta River. All of the river systems here are connected with each other.
Floating Village
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Floating village is a large and self-sustaining village. They are a chain of villages that can be found deep inside the rainforest. The people in the village work together with nature in ecological harmony.

The village here is built above some parts of the Delta River, going in-land to the forest. The village goes to visit other smaller villages with the use of boat, or even water Pokemon who they had caught.

The people on this village have a diet of fish Pokemon. The Magikarp here is one of the best. This village is a good spot to relax while going on for a journey.
Dragon Island
Dragon Island (Jul 18, 2020 2:58:47 GMT)
1 thread
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This island is located off shore from Marina Island. To get to Dragon Island would require the use of a ferry that could be accessed at the port of Marina Island. Dragon Island is part of a chain of islands that are surrounding the area.

This island is of course, a reserve. All the Pokemon here are dragons. To be able to get into this island would require a hefty price to be paid. Only one encounter can be found here, and it is guaranteed to be a rare dragon. However, this won't be an easy catch. You're going to have to befriend the dragon. Pokeballs are of course illegal here. You're going to have to befriend the dragon, and be able to take the dragon home.

Samsara Island

Hero's Landing
[LAB] Fake it 'Til you Break it (Aug 17, 2020 0:54:45 GMT)
6 threads
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An artificial landmass north of the two islands, Hero's Landing is the only place where structures can survive, and is where you'll first arrive when you get to Samsara. The buildings are incredibly advanced, designed to provide the best services and resistance against the erratic weather. Accommodations are a bit spartan, however.

Due to it being an artificial environment, no wild Pokémon exist here. It's rumored that Team Rocket have hidden bases and spies, showing a vested interest in the ongoing of Samsara Island.
Sword Coast
Common Pokemon (Aug 6, 2020 6:57:08 GMT)
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Violent waves constantly crash against harsh cliff sides. Massive, territorial water Pokémon lurk just beneath the surface; you may get attacked by a massive Gyarados, only for it to be scared off by a monumental Wailord. The threats don't end away from the sea, though. A Steelix may well burst from the cliff sides, and vicious flying Pokémon patrol the sky searching for prey
Land's Beginning
Common Pokemon (Aug 6, 2020 6:49:56 GMT)
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Vibrant, and teeming with life. The center of the area is occupied by a massive, life-giving tree, said to be Xerneas in its dormant state. It is said all life begins from this region. While it seems beautiful, the Pokémon here will do anything to protect their way of life, even if it means making travelers get lost in the elusive forests.

Ruins here indicate the existence of a previous civilization, and many researchers theories that it was Xerneas itself that smothered the cities in vines and forests until it was uninhabitable.
Legend's Rest
Common Pokemon (Aug 6, 2020 6:40:03 GMT)
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Dark, mysterious, eldritch. Bearing a deathly energy, Legend's Rest is rumored to be the place where all souls go to, so that Yveltal might guide them to the afterlife. Cloaked in eternal night, the only light is from the many shooting stars above, said to be the souls of the dead moving on.

It's said that at the epicenter of the region lies an ethereal portal, guarded by Yveltal, and where all the souls eventually head.
World's End
Common Pokemon (Aug 6, 2020 7:18:28 GMT)
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This place is hostile. The jagged, mountainous, seemingly impossible terrain, the powerful, slightly maddened Pokémon, and the very energies themselves are hazardous to life. This is where the powers of Yveltal and Xerneas collide and converge, creating something truly unique. Life itself is unstable; during the morning, one would see only the first evolution of Pokémon, but the night would bring about their final evolution, as if their aging process was quickened.

This is not a place for the faint of heart. Any kind of Pokémon could spawn here. This area is too volatile to have a stable population.
Timeless Sands
Common Pokemon (Aug 6, 2020 7:27:56 GMT)
1 thread
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Harsh sandstorms constantly batter the landscape, making for what is likely the least habitable desert in the region. Pokémon here enjoy the conditions undisturbed by invaders, residing in the ruins of a once great civilization if the sandstorm becomes too extreme. One needs proper equipment to navigate this area without getting lost... or suffocating.

Out of Character

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As much as we would all love to sit around and roleplay, that's not always possible. Real life always comes first, after all! If you need to take a few weeks or months off, please post here to let the staff know through this board! That way, none of your things will be accidentally archived or deleted.
Free for All
Experimentation And Holding (Aug 31, 2020 23:56:18 GMT)
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In this board, you can post anything you want, whether it is Pokemon related or not. However, no advertisements here please.
Vive -- An Original Animal RP (Sept 27, 2020 3:57:48 GMT)
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You can advertise your site here. We allow multiple ads, although if you post more than once in our site, we will post more than once in yours!
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